About The Company

Al KHALEEJ Investment PJSC (KICO) formally known as Gulf livestock Co a public joint stock company with a paid up capital of AED 105 million has a history that spans over 3 decades. Established in 1982 in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates to meet the demands locally and internationally in the trading of live stock & dairy products, the company got certified from the Emirates Securities & Commodities Authority in 2007 during which the company excelled in the business until the market and the industry itself evolved over time.

Adapting to the change in market forces and quick thinking by the Board of Directors spearheaded by the Chairman the company refined its investment approach and expanded its foot print in the real estate market and diversified the business model. The company steadily increased its assets in the real estate market over the years and got listed with the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange in 2009.

The company re branded itself in 2014 with the brand name Al KHALEEJ Investment PJSC. Today the company has a new approach in all its investment and has laid down a new foundation for the future. It is committed to provide transparency to all its shareholders with an aim to maximize returns on the diversified investment it makes.

Today Al KHALEEJ Investment PJSC is managed by the Chairman, Board of Directors and a robust management team with an average of 25 years of different industry experience. These individuals have gained expertise investing across a variety of economic environments, from periods of market decline to periods of recovery & expansion. While history never repeats itself exactly Al KHALEEJ Investment PJSC believes that the knowledge of past cycles gives predictive power which translates its sound investment ideas.

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